Story of Bondozone

    What's up guys, my name is Bondo. I'm just a high school student with a strong interest in software, gadgets and pretty much anything to do with technology. I've made plenty of sites in my day (probably too many), but I always ran into the same problem when I built these site: Whenever I got to a point where I had a decent a amount of content, I thought of a new and better idea for a new and better website, and I then trashed my old one. This wasn't really a problem until this started happening about every two weeks or so. I couldn't for the life of me maintain a site without losing interest due to some spontaneous idea. Through this repetitive process I've created around 20 different websites and blogs which I've all eventually shut down. Consequently, I've gotten very familiar with the art of web development; however,  I'm getting real tired of thinking up some great idea, setting up a site built around that idea, watching that site grow into something nice, and then trashing the idea and losing all the fruits of my labor, thinking my next site will be "the one." While it's true that each website has gotten successively better, I've come to realize that building a website around one idea is just too hard for me. I simply cannot work within the constrictive bounds of any one category. Thus Bondozone was born. I'm just gonna put anything and everything technology related on this site and not worry about working within a certain niche. That's my story, so, without further ado, please enjoy the website!