Saturday, June 2, 2012

Logitech Keyboard Case Review

     If you're looking for a trusty keyboard to use with your iPad 2, there are many options available for you. Some fold, others are plushy, and some don't do much at all.  The Logitech Keyboard doubles as a case and is an effective keypad for a relatively competitive price.


     The case is actually about the same size as your iPad as far as the dimensions go. It's surprisingly light but doesn't feel cheap. As previously mentioned, the keypad doubles as a protective case for your iPad. It's not a great case, but a case all the same. It protects the most important part of the iPad, the screen, but leaves the back exposed. A neat little feature I discovered was that the case actually locks your iPad for you when you lay it face down in the case. I suspect this is done through magnets hidden in the keypad, which surprises me given how thin the device is. While not a deal maker, it's a nifty feature which wouldn't hurt to have. Besides the keys on the keyboard, the gadget also has a mini USB for charging, a button for Bluetooth connection, and, of course, an on and off switch.


     No matter how sleek and attractive the keyboard looks, it's virtually useless if it doesn't do what it's designed to do. Fortunately, the Logitech Case delivers a user-friendly and effective typing experience. Of course, a keyboard of its size will always lose to a full computer keyboard in a typing competition. Your fingers will be somewhat cramped, and you'll have no access to a number pad. However, given the case's design and dimensions, it does a very good job. The keys are a reasonable size and don't stick after pressed. They are comfortably spaced apart and are also painted with a nice, mat finish. On the top row of the keyboard lay a few extra keys which allow users to easily access basic commands such as copy and past, but also function as shortcuts for the menu, music playback, iPad search, and locking your iPad. They all work very well and minimize the amount of touching needed while operating your iPad. The developers of the case managed to cram in all the necessary keys, and then some, but still maintain a somewhat comfortable arrangement for the user. All in all, the feel is somewhat reminiscent of typing on a netbook keypad. While it's not perfect, it certainly gets the job done. As far as the case goes, it's performance is unspectacular. Yes, it works; however, I feel that the "case" utility is more of a space efficient storage mechanism than a protective covering. It works in keeping the two devices together and maximizing space management, but doesn't seem to do much on the protection side. The keyboard doesn't hug the iPad very tightly and I suspect that in the event of a fall, the iPad could just jump right out of the keyboard.

Bottom Line

     While the case part of the device it lackluster, the keypad itself is splendid. It's small, user-friendly, attractive, and functional. It will cost you anywhere from $50 to $80, so if you're looking for an affordable keyboard and are prepared do do some deal hunting, but aren't as concerned about a protective case, then I would pick this guy up right now.


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