Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make Your Own Music With Node

    Making your own music has never been easier, or more fun. Node employs a simple system of nodes and emitter which allows users to visually create melodic and appealing music. Just a few taps of the finger will get you a nice little ditty which you may modify by removing, adding, and relocating the nodes. You can even manually accompany your music by tapping and sliding your finger across the barred background. Node can be as simple or as complex as you wish. While a great tune can be created through simple placement of nodes and emitters, by tapping the audio icon at the bottom of the screen, users can access a variety of options and setting to tweak their tunes to their heart's content. These options include change in the key, echo, sound style, and much more. Node offers a visually stunning and innovative approach to music composition, and all for only $3.00. Available for all iOS devices.

Make Your Own Favicon

 Check out this tutorial on how to make your own custom favicon. Also, check out my channel and please comment rate and, most of all, subscribe. This channel is very young and I need you're help to develop it. Thanks!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Penultimate - Great Note Taking Application!

    Penultimate is a great little app that is a must have for any high-school or college student. It allows you to take notes with audio, pictures, and text (written and type) and compile it into one handy notebook. If you prefer the idea of hand writing iutnyour notes, don't worry. The hand writing feature allows you to zoom in and easily write legible notes with a stylus or your finger - something that has been previously difficult on the iPad. The app takes full advantage of the iPads's functionalities. You can manipulate photos and text with only a few taps of the finger It's a great value at only $.99 and certainly worth a look.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogsy - The Best Blogging App in the App Store

User friendly interface
     If you're into blogging, then you will find this app to be a dream come true. I have always wished for a mobile application that allows me to easily blog on the go, but also allows me to use the familiar and powerful features I enjoy on my desktop. Oddly enough, until now I have had trouble finding such an application. I even tried the official Blogger App from the app store, but the features were so lacking, I had trouble even formatting the title correctly. I can honestly say it deserved the two and a half star rating it had received. Frustrated, I finally stumbled upon Blogsy. Blogsy has a sleek, user friendly interface that lets you use all the posting and editing options you would typically utilize on the computer. That means you can add video and pictures, screw with formatting, and even create pages all in this simple application. Blogsy supports all major blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger. For those which are not supported, Blogsy offers a nifty email postings option which allows you to send the contents of your post in an email, from which it will automatically be posted to your blog.  It's a bit pricey at $5.00, but, in my opinion, it's well worth the cash. Check this app out - you will not be disappointed.

iPad 3 - First Impressions

     I've just got my thoughts on the new features in the new iPad. Check out my channel and please comment rate and, most of all, subscribe. This channel is very young and I need you're help to develop it. Thanks!